Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chi straiteners for cheap!

I'm having a fundraiser...for myself haha....I'm selling these Chi hair straiteners,  for a fraction of what they are worth. Help me out buying some or selling some for me. I'm trying to pay off the doctor bills...our insurance SUCKS!..I’m currently selling 4 models of Chi Flat Irons at blow out prices. These are all real, (not knockoffs), brand new in box. Listed below are the pictures of the models I am currently selling and there retail price, and also the sale price listed on the Chi website to show you what a deal your getting. I am selling all 4 models at $40 each. These are very high quality hair straighteners and very much worth the money. Buy them for yourself, use it as a gift, or buy a bunch and sell them and make a profit off them, whatever you want. They take about 4-7 days for me to get them once I place my order. I will need to collect the money before I can place the order. If you do not have the money by the time I place my next order you can get a hold of me for the next one. Cash or check only.If you need to get a hold of me for questions or anything else call or text me. My number is 801-690-4980.

Also please excuse my stupid chart at the bottom I don't know why it doesn't line up...its pissing me off.

Model                      Retail Price     Sale price     My price

Black  Ceramic        $206                $70.15 $40.00
Pink Dazzle              $209                $73.15           $40.00
(Hot Pink)
Pink Ceramic           $225                $72.15           $40.00
(Light Pink)  
Nano                        $225                 $72.15           $40.00
(Light Blue)                                    

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