Monday, June 6, 2011

new stuff...

Well not a whole lot of super exciting stuff is going on except that we are moving...IN 3 WEEKS I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!! And that maybe MAYBE next week we might find out what the sex of our little butter bean is! PLEASE BE A GIRL.... PLEASE BE A GIRL... PLEASE BE A GIRL!!! No just kidding I don't care either way...but a girl would make things a lot easier...(if there is anything easy about 4 kids that is). I'm not looking forward to 29...mostly because its right before 30....ewww. I'm also not looking forward to being fat and pasty all summer. But at least in our new house we will have central air instead of a swamp cooler. YAY!!

Brayden graduated form kindergarten on May 25, and Landy from pre-school May 24th. Both ceremonies where absolutely hilarious.  Brayden is just like me...ADD and all and was kind of in la la land the whole time...At least he is super cute! ;)  And JUST LIKE MY DAD. Its so funny. He is a little clone!! He is so shy at school. At his little program the teacher made them go up and say there name in the microphone and lets just say it took some coaxing, and I felt really bad for him you could tell he was sooo nervous...I don't blame him though I hate public speaking as well. But on Landons field trip to the dinosaur park, me and Justin and Aspyn went with him, and some of the kids from his class said hi to him and he wouldn't say hi back and I asked him why he wouldn't and he said "BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO!!"  So he is VERY outgoing like my dad lol.  Its so funny how shy he is yet his class pictures are hysterical...he is always pulling a face!

Brayden turned 6 in March and is growing up SOOO fast. Landy will be 5 on Thursday, and Aspyn turned 2 last month...good thing I have another little baby coming or I might be pretty depressed at this point ha ha.
We are moving to a house in Clinton, we are just tired of the Ogden scene. And as for my pregnancy...I am 100% certain without a doubt DONE after this one. I'll be surprised if my body bounces back from this one.  For some reason the older I get the more this bothers me. Oh well at least after this baby I will have a running track right behind my house I can go running. There isn't anything like that here. I love to run but don't have anywhere safe to do it other than by the dinosaur park.  Don't have any pics because I think I packed up my camera lol. Or I lost it? Anyways that is all for now.

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