Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So yeah i don't work at Iggy's any longer. I quite last night...I suddenly remembered that I graduated from high school almost 9 years ago...and I didn't really care for it then so why deal with it again? Half of everybody there is on drugs and its all a giant click led by who else? a 32 years old...go figure...and if she doesn't like you NOBODY likes you...and i know its bad to just quit with no notice and i think i way pissed my boss off...but i don't need OR deserve to be treated that way...i don't like being in an environment where people are gossiping about me and making up lies.... WHATEVER! So on to bigger and better things!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Basketball John

So Cute...LOVE IT!! I got a basketball john John stockton OOOOOOH!

The last few months...

So I will try and sum up the last few months in a paragraph lol...July was pretty hot as im sure it was for everyone...i turned 26 (old). Landon Turned 2 in June...big boy now...i worked a lot in July so we didn't really do a whole lot...i missed the 4th and the 24th =( In August me and Justin went to California...didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera is an imbasul..or maybe its me? I don't know haha. I came down with the stomache flu the first day we were there and I ended up throwing up in an IHOP in Anaheim...needless to say we will not be going back to that IHOP anytime soon...lets just say i "made a mess" then I spent the next 3 days recovering from if anybody wants to go to Disneyland without the kids stay at the Hotel Menage its GORGEOUS and fairly cheap...but the downside is its right across the free way from disneyland so it sounds like the fireworks are right over your head! And we went to california adventure park it made me miss the kids soo bad cause they have an attraction for kids call "clubhouse disney" which is a little show with all the characters from the little kids shows on the disney channel...and we saw mickey and minnie and goofie...braydens favorite is Donald or what he calls Derrell Duck lol and Landy loves mickey but i didn't know this then and we bought brayden a Donald Duck stuffed animal and Landy a Pluto cuz he loves puppies and i handed him his pluto and he threw it and said NO MICKEY! Justin turned 25 in September. I started school in September I will be doing my medical specialties and it takes 21 months and im almost finished with 2 then when i am finished with that I will go right into the RN program for another year but im really excited and so far i have loved my classes and sticking people with needles! So thats us for the last few months!

Pregnancy Blog

Im going to use this to blog my pregnancy as well...I am like 9 1/2 weeks today I will be 10 weeks on Saturday.My due date is May 18th. My first appointment was October 2nd and I had gained 3 1/2 lbs not sure how i did that...So far this pregnancy is sooo different from the first two I actually have morning sickness this time. bleah...and with my first two pregnancies i prided myself on not being grouchy and hormonal but this time I am just a giant sack of RAGING HORMONES!!!Im definately showing a lot sooner than with my first two...I didn't show till i was about 4 months the other times but im not even 2 months and im showing...or maybe im just eating to many snacks face has totally broken out this time unlike my other two...and thats actually probably the worst thing about this...but luckily i have found something that i can use to treat it that won't hurt the baby... So anyways my next doctors appointment will be on Halloween and I will get an ultrasound my first of 2 and I will post pictures of that then...