Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playin outside...The kids....New creations

Brayden holding his sister...they absolutely adore each other...

Landy and the GIANT BABY!!!! I can't believe he actually held her...
Me and my kiddo's...

Me and my kids and my neice & nephew Aiden & Ava...

My little Angel face...drving his truck around...
My muffin man...he loves playing basketball...
he amazes me how good he is at it.
Landy likes to dunk it so Justin was giving him a little
help...this picture cracks me up.

I love the view from my house.

My little tool man...I think its so cute when he does this...

This is my new bow holder I made and some of the bows I've made!

These are my mini-bows I started making because Aspyn doesn't have quite enough hair for a pony tail yet but enough to put one of these in!

Brayden brought this in for me first I thought it was just the flowers but nope there was dirt in there to and of course it got spilled all over the floor. He put the blanket on the table like it was a table cloth...he told me it was like at grandma whiteley's, my mom always has a flower arrangement on her table. He picked these from the one plant in my yard that survived lol.

My beautiful Princess wearing her mini-bow!

I love her flower bows!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random pictures that make me smile

My dad and Brayden

Brayden jumping on the bed

Me and Justin 2 halloween's ago...

Brayden with funny goggles on

I put my hair extensions on Brayden one day when I got bored

Princess Justin

Nope its not Aspyn..Landy

Brayden got into Justins hershey kisses

My truck after I drove it into a ditch lol

Brayden being silly

Landy and Daddy feet

Landy singing

Brayden pretending to be a puppy