Saturday, April 3, 2010


Getting soooo close to graduation....I'm soooo excited!!! My graduation is May 27! I only have 5 weeks left of school!!! Classes right now are sooo time consuming....this summer will be a much needed break.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Braydens 5!!!!!

The crowd....
Christina & Sidney

Amber & Ava

Justins dad and Step-mom
My mom & Aspyn & my sister...and Justin and his little girlfriend Destiny lol
Steve & Cathy
Emmie, MaryJane and Gage
My little man....he dressed himself lol why he chose that sweater I will never know lol
My silly...
Cupcakes werent as great as I'd hoped...and I spelled his name wrong lol...oh well :)
At first he was excited! 

Then he was embarrassed lol
The kiddies
Me mama and me sista and my baby girl!

I really look a lot like my mom here!
Playdough....thanks again Brittnie
Paint!!! His favorite thing EVER!! lol
His GREEN Buzz Lightyear shirt!

Gage and Brayden trying to open his sand stuff!
Buzz Lightyear!!! I got him wings too...but they were broken when we opened it so I have to take it back...I will post pics later of him in full gear lol its hilarious
 This one is actually really fun lol
Aspyn kept taking her friend MaryJanes binky away from her lol
Me and my Muffin
Eating cupcakes yet he can't keep his 4T pants up on his 5TH birthday lol
Kiss me mommy!

She had a blast to!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Going private...

I decided I'm gonna go private...I have some creep checking my and my friends blog, and hacking into I'm gonna go private. So everybody please send me your emails so I can add ya!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just sayin....

I find it curious...that certain people look at my blog...then when I see them in real life they scuzz me...FYI if you don't like me don't look at my blog...thanks

And another FYI I know EXACTLY who looks at my name...where you live...what time....Creepy McCreeperton

And this is directed at one specific person...I'm sure when they read this they will know who I'm talking about...

However if you'd like to be nice and NOT scuzz me feel free to read my blog! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Discovery...Pictures....A Birthday...New Moon

She likes to be doing what the big kids are doing always...
Mary Jane & Aspyn playing
Landon & Jackson...two peas in a pod...Jackson is my friend Emmie's son.
This is Braydens favorite thing to do is make music...
All the kids except for Gage playing music...soo cute
Concentrating sooo hard.
Aspyn playing on the rocking horse...she loved it!
Landon playing in the baby section lol
Aspyn & Mary Jane
Me & Emmie

My sweet princess and her flower.
Brayden talking on the phone like his mama.
Playin house
I'm makin dinner mom...I luff them...just like there daddy.
Come inside and sit down mommy.
Playin with the balls with her friend Mary Jane
I'm hungry now.
Me & Justin at the Jazz game.
These are a series of pictures Brayden drew of us. I think they are hilarious haha. I think this one is Aspyn.
This one is me.

This is "The Bite"
This one is Justin
I think this one is him...and the circle thing with the lines in it are swabs he said.
I think this one is Landon
Me, Aspyn & my Grandma Whiteley.
The little cousins...Gracy, Hallie, Brayden, Aspyn & Landon
Brayden holding his sister.
The cousins...Megan, Sherice, Cassie, Stephanie, Me, Candace...our cousin Michael wasn't there because he lives in another state...and Erin my sister was MIA as well.
My cute Grandma Whiteley on her 87th birthday...

Me and my school friends Christina, Brenda & Kayci went to the New Moon premiere at the Gateway on 11.19.2009. We went to dinner before and then went to the store and loaded up on candy and junk...Kayci got some blue balls....we laughed about it all night...FYI Blue balls is a drink in a blue bottle called Balls...We are so excited to go to Eclipse in June....

Brenda on the way to SLC
Kayci driving
I like to take pictures hahaha
Pretending to sleep at the theater while waiting for our movie to start.
Me & Kayci

Me & Kayci
The Brenda
We were doing lines of pixie sticks to keep awake haha