Thursday, April 30, 2009

My CrAzY bOyS!!! & EaStEr

This is what Justin and the boys do when I'm home can you imagine what goes on when I'm not? And also here are some pics from easter...and the chalk drawing brayden drew is a picture me he says...i thought it was hilarious...with the little derbie hat he drew on it lol.

BrAyDeNs BiRtHdAy!!

I just realized I forgot to put pics of Braydens birthday on here... it was almost 2 months ago...but better late than never...some of the pictures are of His actual birthday March 7 we took him and Landon on the frontrunner down to the Gateway and took them the Discovery Museum or whatever its called...they loved it!! We stayed and played for 4 hours...then there are some pictures of Braydens party we had the following weekend we had to wait for grandma and grandpa Whiteley to get home from Germany. And at the end is Brayden on a 4 wheeler...its his cousins but he got one just like it the next day as a late b-day present...he loves it

Monday, April 6, 2009

BaBiEs RoOm!!!

So her room is FINALLY finished...I have been nesting now for a few weeks...and driving poor Justin CRAZY!! And its a good thing to! I don't think she is going to stay in much longer...she is causing me a LOT of hips are definately spreading...I don't remember this much pain with my boys...I could barely walk yesterday...she pinches my nerves a lot...there are like 4 nerves she hits and its VERY painful...If you didn't know me when i got one you'd think i had torrets syndrome she does these really fun kicks to the cervix...that feel just GREAT kind of like a knife? We got it all painted this weekend...all the work done in the bedroom is thanks to Justin...he is so awesome and I love him so much for all the hard work he has put into this room its beautiful...I did make the curtains even though one is about an inch and a half longer than the other...but hey I'm "learning" how to sew lol by myself haha...and I spray painted the letters on the wall but justin mounted them. anyways here are some pictures...

This pink blanket my Aunt Lisa made for me! Soo cute...

My friend Lyndsay made this for me! I can't believe how awesome it is!

This is the blanket my mommy made for boys still just LOVE the blankets my mom made for them and carry them everywhere with them...especially landon

Her car seat and some more of her MANY blankets!

Her name me and Justin made...the elephant from my mom and she HAS to have a my little pony! Doesn't every girl? they were my favorite when i was little so my mom bought her one and its purple...she said it would probably be more for me though lol LOVE IT!

Her cute little baskets that just happened to match her crib set...her aunt amber gave us is full of MORE blankets...and the other is full of odds and ends...

Justins beautiful crown molding so impressed...and the fan...poor landy was devistated by us moving it from the living room to her room...he is OBSESSED with fans...

The full picture...i love it dont you?

And of course my Ghetto curtains i made...I hate them I took the shorter one apart yesterday and fixed it but its still to short...I'm thinking I figured out why its that way...

FiNaL BeLLy ShOt!!!

This will be my final belly from the side...and one from the its so big i couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture from the front haha...This is the belly at 34 weeks...