Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good grief....

     Not quite 4 months yet I will be next Monday...I feel really big for 17 weeks. I know with each kid you show faster but GOOD GRIEF haha. --->
Aspyn has actually come up to my belly and said HO HO HO! I've gained 5lbs so far...not sure how it's not more since EVERYTHING has gotten bigger. Not great but not horrible either. I'm trying to keep my cravings to a minimum. (yeah right) 
So far this pregnancy I have been absolutely DRAINED. My Dr. just tells me to eat more protein. I tried it doesn't work. ;)  Oh 5 hour energy how I miss thee!! I started feeling him move like 3 weeks ago not kicking but moving. Kinda cool. And just like with my other pregnancies I start feeling the braxton hicks contractions earlier and earlier. Also with each one, labor gets shorter by 2 hours Braydens was 8 hours from the time I was admitted, Landon was 6, Aspyn was 4, so that would be awesome if this one was only 2! Well as long as I get my epidural that is :) 
              Only another week and a half until we move to our new house. Kind of nervous about it. My boys are VERY destructive. Who am  I kidding so is Aspyn. ha ha. But so VERY excited to make new friends for me and the kids. There is literally NOBODY around here. We have lived here for almost 5 years and have only make friends with like 2 families.


Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

the hohoho comment makes me laugh and you look great! wish i could look like that at 2 months ;) Yes Jaron is the older one why?

Jordan said...

Fun! You look cute. Let me know if you need help moving or anything.