Sunday, August 14, 2011


25 weeks preggo today....was having contractions last night kinda freaked me out....luckily they went away finally when I went to bed. Just posting some random pics from the summer of the kids.

Aspyn likes me to wrap her up in her blanky and we call that burrito baby, this is her in her burrito in the little girl I babysit's care seat so this is what we call "Baby burrito to go".

Aspyn with her Tiara on she kept telling me it was her birthday lol.

The boys riding my moms neighbors mini-pony. It took us several tries to convince them to do it, but now they love it!

 I painted Aspyns room...its not done I have to do some more work on her name...and I think the tree is to think I might sand it off and re-do it.

 The boys working on there 4 wheeler.

 Brayden in his make shift pool....not sure how to explain the life jacket haha.
The kids at my friend Emmie's boys birthday. Aspyn loves her some chocolate cake.

Brayden decided to get into my toll paint and paint his brother-to-be's name on his brothers wall so that everyone knew it was Halens room. Lol hard to be mad at that though isn't it?

Rheese my neice and Aspyn in the baby seats...I think Aspyn is a little big for hers haha


Jordan said...

Cute pics! I way wanna come see your new house!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

cute pictures. I love the wall painting...all of it;)