Thursday, July 7, 2011

All moved in...and now I'm OLD!

We are finally settled in. Took me about a week to unpack...and Justin about that long between work and side jobs to get everything over here. So far we love it. :) I will post pictures soon. I have taken before pics and I will take some after pics to post on here as well.
I will be 20 weeks on sunday so for me thats MORE than halfway lol. I have an appointment next wednesday to make FOR SURE for sure that its a boy ;) having lots of round ligament paints I only ever had those with Brayden. And the part where you stay hotter than normal all the time kicked it right as soon as the hot weather did. And I already hate hot weather anyways.
And tomorrow is my dreaded 29th birthday :( BLEAH!! But on the plus year I will be 25!

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Jordan said...

I waaaaay wanna see your new house!