Thursday, October 13, 2011

How were doing...

I haven't really been able to take any new pictures lately...Aspyn broke my camera...I can't get the lens to go back in...grrr. Today I'm 33 weeks and 4 days...Hoping to make it to 37 weeks which is about Nov 3...he can come at any time then :) Still having almost constant contractions...although they aren't really dilating me they are still really uncomfortable, add some back spasms on top of that the last few weeks and you get a pretty crappy time lol. My Dr. said at my last appointment a week 32 weeks that I was measuring 35 weeks...or he was anyways...and that he estimated him to be around boys were both 6lbs 6oz at 35 if he is really that big already I'm gonna have a big baby. Brayden & Landon are both doing very well in school right now. Brayden sometimes has a hard time ...he tells me that he wants me to check him out early before he even goes to school at least once a week. He tells me he misses his family :( aww...he is so cute. And Landy is learning to be a little more independent. He does not let me take him into school anymore he likes to do it himself. Which is fine by me...then I don't have to park and get out I just drop him off at the front door. Aspyn I think is just about ready for Kindergarten as well at 2! lol she is so super smart...(as everyone knows girls are the smarter sex) ;) She can count to 10 by herself...and recognizes those numbers by sight and sound. As well as all her colors except gray, and her shapes... all by sight and sound. She is pretty much obsessed with it. She is always pointing out colors and shapes and numbers to me everywhere we go...and if you don't repeat back to her what she said to you she will keep screaming it at you until you do. My mom calls me and her Pete and Repeat because Aspyn repeats everything I its pretty cute. I'm trying to teach her to be buddies with my niece Rheese...but so far she isn't having it lol. Usually when I hold my niece she says "Hey leave that baby alone." or "Put her down!" and Justin is just workin workin workin....all day sucks...but what can ya do. We are just grateful he has work :) I'm looking forward to the week he can take off when I have the baby. Anyways that is all for us right now. If I get any new pictures I'll post some.

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