Saturday, April 14, 2012

just an update...

Here are just some pictures of us lately, don't have a lot to post about...Brayden had his 7th birthday on March 7th. He is getting so big. We had a party for him on the 10th. That day I had Justin take Brayden and Landon and 4 of Braydens friends and his uncle that is his age, all fishing at Syracuse pond.  Justin said they didn't catch anything but they all had a lot of fun. We decided for now we aren't going to do the big party thing I usually do every year anymore...It just costs to much money and to much work goes into it. We decided to just do something smaller for now and spend the money on the kid rather than the party. Case in point...this party was so hectic that I totally forgot to take any pictures at all :(

Halen turned 4 months and then 5 last week...I can't believe he is going to be 6 months next month!! With each kid it just flies even faster...I swear Brayden was a baby for like 3 years. Aspyn is going to be 3 already next month, as well as my niece Rheese turning 1. WOW! And Landy will be 6 in June.

That's about all I can think of right now other than some pictures.

Baby Halen sleeping on my bed.

This doesn't happen to often lol

Tummy time.

He is just getting so freaking cute. Looks like Brayden I think. 

My boys. Would you believe Halens outfit is 9 months? This was over Easter break. 

The big kids.

I've learned the more kids you have the harder it is to get a good picture haha. 

Dying Easter like 10 at night haha. We like to do things last minute I guess. 

Brayden very focused.
Our eggs.

Aspyn and Landy

What the Eater Bunny brought.

The mess.

My one and only princess. 

The crust from our pizza this night was SUPER hard so I let him chew on it...haha  he LOVED it.

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