Sunday, January 8, 2012

Halen 2 months...and kids stuff!

Halen is now 2 months. Here are his 2 month stats.
Length 23.25 inches 65 %tile
Weight 14lbs 3.5oz 96th %tile
Head Circ. 39.5 cm 40 % tile
I KNOW!!! BIG BOY!! HAHA but so cute and SQUISHY!!!

Baby Rheese and Baby Halen on Christmas Day.
They are almost exactly 6 months apart.

Brayden playing with his new tools Santa brought him plus some of his dads...he's always got "Stuff ta do."

I bought Landon this because he likes building stuff...and my Grandma Burch had one of these when I was a kid, and I loved I finally found one for him at Toys R Us...not to expensive either!

Aspyn playing with her Strawberry Shortcake dollies...lots of small peices I spend most of my days picking up all over the house...but so worth it because she loves them so much.

Big brother playing strawberry with her...Such a good brother haha.

How did I get such a beautiful girl?

....and handsome boys...

Landon and his new bike...I couldn't get one of Brayden on his.

This was Aspyns New Years Eve outfit. haha

More of the beautiful girl.

Aspyn and her buddy Crew. They play so cute. This is them yesterday hiding under her bed from his mom. They didn't want him to leave yet. She kept saying "Lay down Crew, lay down Crew."

Don't mind the bare was laundry day for Aspyn...strawberry milk all over the sheets and bed spread haha.

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