Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 months....

I'm sooo NOT posting a belly pic this month haha. I'll just wait until I start to show ;)...But anyways our names have changed...Boy name is now Halen Van Browning (Van Halen is Justins favorite band ) and I'm not so set on Zeplyn anymore for a girl...its not completely out...but I'm thinking maybe Willow would be better? Willow kind of goes with Aspyn right? lol Next appointment they have to do another blood draw on me...the initial antibody screen they did the first appointment showed positive for some antibodies so this next appointment on May 18 they will do another to try and figure out what I'm "fighting". My Dr. has assured us though that its nothing that could possibly harm the baby. I didn't really get to many good easter pics... Justin  was at work on Sunday so I hid the kids baskets in my room so they didn't eat all of it before I woke up...I know lazy mom haha...but hey I only get to play the preggo card one more I"m making the most of it. :)  Brayden is getting ready to graduate from kindergarten next month...and Landy from preschool. I can't believe I'll have both in school full time next year :( Aspyn is going to be TWO next thursday :( and she is quite the stinker also lately...she fights me every time I try to dress her, undress her, take her diaper off, put her diaper on, take a nap, go to bed, eat, or pretty much anything else. soon as her daddy gets home (cue the eye rolling) she turns into this sweet little angel who does everything she is told. Thanks Aspyn. Also my lil sis is getting ready to have her baby soon...I believe today she is 34 weeks preggo...she is having a little girl and naming her Rheese Larue Whiteley...Larue is our grandma Whiteley's name. Love it. :) I am actually VERY excited for my little niece to get here. I am also excited to see how Erin will do with a new baby. For anyone who knows her knows what I mean. It's kind of surreal to see her even pregnant. But I can already tell she is both going to be a very protective mama, AND that she has NO idea what she is in for...but what new mom does right? :) And now....for some totally random pictures. :)

Brayden dressing himself.

                                                      Aspyn when she started to climb things.

 This is the face I usually get from Landon either when he is in trouble or I want him to smile. My dad does            this exact same face.

Our ugly Christmas sweaters from 2 years ago...I won :)
 My first attempt at a 2 layer cake (hint: don't stack and frost them when they are still warm) (hint 2: after doing the first thing don't then attempt to transport via freeway ALONE)
 My baby princess.

Me 'n' Bubba

Braydens first time writing his name.

 Aspyn getting her fat little legs stuck in her crib...

My baby.

 Super Brayden.

 My kids don't need toys.

Plate butts.



Me and Justin at the best concert EVER!!! Muse!!!

Me in the paint ball gear.



So cute!

One of Landy's many weird haircuts I give him :)

Another of Landy's weirdo faces haha


Landy and the scrunched nose...again.


Playing outside at Grandma's...

 Hands in your PANTS!!!

 She looks like a mime.

 I'M FREE!!!

 Yep thats dirt on his face.
 My graduation.

I'm wackin weeds!

 Me and the boys on the fourth of july 09
 A dress I made for Aspyn
Aspyns first birthday.


 She loves black licorice just like her mama.
 Brayden's homemade trailor.
 Swimming at Grandma Waters house.

 This is the ONLY pic I have from Landons 4th birthday :( i lost my memory stick.
 Yes...that is a tree Justin is holding and Brayden ran it over with his 4 wheeler.

 Lil Sister.
 Aspyn and Crapaw

 Usually what becomes of most of my sunglasses...
 Some cookies I made...they look like plastic haha.

 I love this picture.
 Swimming at Grandma Ferrins.
 Braydens first day of Kindergarten.

 Landons first day of preschool.

My little dorks.
 Tree hugger.

 I actually bowl quite well this way!!
 Cupcakes I made for Justin for his birthday last year. Chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting. mmm
 My first good attempt at photoshop...(hint: I haven't had long hair since I was pregnant with Landon.)
 Aspyns halloween costume.
 My first quilt I made. For my friend Cathy.
 Me on Halloween.

 My own built in snow shovelers.


 My ankle after I messed it up 5 months ago...still hurts to!!
 Aspyn after I had to cut her hair...Brayden did it first then I had to fix it.
 The back.
 At the Dentist...Landy wouldn't let me take a picture. He had his teeth cleaned  on all fours lol.
 I got her dressed  and then she decided she wasn't done taking a bath.

 Her piggies are so cute SHE kisses them.
 Landon found this at Pineview...a whole summer of entertainment...right here.
 Luff her...
 My little tomboy...what landon didn't know was that she was secretly scooping sand up on his back when he wasn't looking lol

 She also LOVES trains!!

 Her new WIWWOW (Pillow)
 ahh and her Daypee (Blanky)
 I made these on easter...Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and strawberries...mmm they were soooo good.
 Today at church...I can never get a decent face from Brayden.
 AHHH she is so cute!!!
 I got a hair up my butt one day and made these...the bottom one is for my sisters baby!

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