Thursday, December 4, 2008

What we've been up to!!

We have been super busy lately...Justin has been doing LOTS of side jobs lately which definately come in handy this time of I have been going to school still...its getting a lot harder...Justin is also keeping busy at home as well by finishing our basement...we are making a master suit down there for us (YAY!!) so that the baby can have our excited that this time I can actually make a nursery...rather than just a room for the baby...we are getting really close to finding out the sex of the baby but we are keeping it a secret from our family until it happens...but it is very soon...I'm so excited I've had a lot of dreams and some of which they were boys...the others it didn't say so maybe that means its a girl becuase with my boys i had dreams that it was a girl....I really don't care what it is I just want to know!!! But here are some pictures of things we've done lately...

The boys hanging out on my bed

They were bad one day so we put them in here! lol jk

Brayden decided to make us breakfast one day...he said it was WHITE EGGS!! but really it was pancake batter lol so cute!

This is Brayden at Christmas Village in Ogden...he kept going under the fence to play with the lights...

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