Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halen and stuff

One of my favorite pics of him...and this shows just how blonde his hair looks like I bleached it.
And this shows how his big brothers are with him...they are so in love with the point I have to tell them to lay off sometimes.
My Snuggle baby.

Brayden & Halen

Landon & Halen

Aspyn & Halen ( this took some serious convincing to get this picture. She is starting to come around.)

I FREAKING LOVE this face. I could just squish his face when he does it. haha. To me he looks like Brayden as a baby with Landon's eyes, but with blonde hair.

Really dreadful picture of me...but I thought he looked cute in this picture. I look like I'm about 40 in this picture...yikes...

My lil man. 
I HEART Halen. :)

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Texie said...

Congrats Annie!! What a little cutie with all that blonde hair!! Hope you are adjusting to 4 kids!!!