Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back...from the depths of...Motherhood?

Been a LONG time since I have blogged...about a year I guess. Lots to catch up on...I'll try and do it all in one post. I guess we have all had another birthday since I last posted (obviously). 
I graduated last May. I worked for a little while in the lab at Ogden Clinic (LOVED IT) but decided I needed to be home with my family for now, at least until they are a little older. I've decided to go back to school in a couple years to pursue my bachelors in Clinical Lab Science. (Yay pee and blood!) But that will have to I am now preggo with Numero Quatro! As of now my due date is November 27.  So we will see :). 
Justin is hoping for another girl, and my boys did to but since I found out I was pregnant both boys suddenly switched to BROTHER. lol oh well! I personally don't care which. But we have decided on a name already if its a boy Zeplan and if its a girl Zeplyn. Yeah most people hate it especially old people but OH WELL NOT YOUR KID!! haha. 
We also have put our house up for sale. I personally don't think it will sale for what we need out of it but its worth a shot I guess right? Either way we will be moving. Even if we have to rent our current house out. 
Brayden started Kindergarten this year...and is loving it. Landon is in preschool and will start kindergarten next that will be kind of nice just dealing with 1 kid and a baby when the baby comes. 
Well I guess those are the most noteworthy events in the last year. Here are some pictures...they are way more interesting...enjoy :)

Aspyn loves to feed herself!

My little fairy Princess
I luff this face.


and of course....

these faces to :)


Me and my lover.

Theses are some "attempts" we made at a family picture this past summer.

   My muffin boy, and I'm the only one aloud to call him that.

These next 7 pictures are what you get when your kids wake up earlier than you and find your camera...there were more pictures than this like about a 100 of the view from there bedroom...and certain body parts that                               shall go un-named.

Justins prize winning Ugly sweater...thank you very much...Im awesome at making ugly sweaters....:)

In Decemeber we needed to get out of the house so we decided to go stay in a condo down by Bear Lake...(which by the way is a ghost town that time of year) these are some of our pics...most of which are me and the kids hanging out while Justin had to drive 30 minutes to a grocery store to buy us something to make for dinner lol

I tried to use the mattress as a gate to keep her from going up and down the you can see it didn't work. Oh made a good slide anyways...:)


Braydens Birthday Party!

Can't believe he is 6 already!!!




                                                     Aspyns boyfriend Crew. Isn't he a doll?

                                                           This is Braydens Hog Heaven.


The boys...Brayden, Matthew, Lucas....all 2 weeks apart.

My friend Emmie's daughter MaryJane....and Aspyn...they were both sick and grumpy this they were fighting a lot. But it was still pretty cute.

                                                     Me and my lover again <3 <3 <3
                        Tried to get a picture with Landon...he doesn't like pictures very much lol

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JEN said...

Annie, your blog is way cute! Congrats on the pregnancy, that's awesome!! I am almost 24 weeks now, and things are going great so far. :) Hope all is well with you and your fam.