Monday, January 11, 2010

wuz happnin

So usually I just mostly post pictures....I figured I would try ACTUALLY here is whats been up with the Browning fam....So Justin has been at his new job for about 6 months now so very soon we will be getting insurance again HALLELUJAH !!!! I have about 4 months left of school....then my externship...and I will have my MA. I graduate in May with my first associates degree! YAY!!! Whooda thunk Annie would ever go to college much less graduate... lol. Then after that I will apply for the nursing program... I am planning to be a labor and delivery nurse... With my MA I am hoping to do something with OBGYN or babies or something NOT kids...I love babies and MY kids but, I don't know what I'd do in a dr's office with a kid like landy...I'd probably run screaming lol. Or I thought maybe a plastic surgeons office...I like to see blood and guts...yeah I know thats weird...but so am I! And I like giving shots and drawing blood and such to! Brayden is getting SOOO big...He is so SMART he is starting to write his name... I can't believe he starts KINDERGARTEN next fall...I am totally going to bawl my head off when he goes. I'm thinking about sticking landy in some preschool...he needs it BAD...he is actually a pretty brilliant kid...he needs to go for behavior reason...he is already reminding me of my sister (((cringe))) He is the one who picks up all the bad words and uses them on us. He has now said to us... "Shut your butt" "Tell dad to SHUTUP" "Bite me" "If I don't want to I DONT HAVE TO" Pleasant child. I won't say the other things he says as they are a little (a lot) inappropriate for this blog lol. And it doesn't help that he uses them correctly (hehe). Brayden spends his days either coloring "monster" versions of his family, including a sheep skull down in the basement that justin brought home a while ago that they are both terrified of lol. They call it the bite. I will post pictures of those pictures. He loves to color and "write his name". I have been teaching them how to use a computer. I think its important. He has a VERY vivid imagination. He does a lot of sound affects for pretty much everything...and he is VERY VERY good at it...I think someday he is either going to be an actor , a beatboxer, an artist or a comedian. I could see him doing impressions someday. He is a lot like me personality wise...on our own planet sort of thing. He is also REALLY into Buzz Light Year we will be having a Buzz themed party for him in March. Landon still loves basketball and plays it ALL THE TIME. And his trains he is obsessed with Thomas The Train. he won't watch the show he just likes the trains, and he loves helicopters. I sometimes wonder if he has OCD. We are still working on the whole potty training thing...which is VERY frustrating with him. I had it easy with brayden on a lot of things and potty training is no different. landy is also into just being super naughty lately. Thats his thing. Like dumping pictures of water all over the house...and sticking deodorant in my hair when I'm not looking, taking the curtains down, ripping things off the wall...finding new places to hang his helicopter but he makes us laugh. Aspyn is 8 months now. HOLY CRAP! She isn't crawling yet but she is very close. She is a sweetheart! But she is a tad on the feisty side...and she will scream this high pitched scream when she wants something...But I find it very cute....for now anyways lol. She already likes do dance. WHICH I LOVE! And is a big mama's girl. Which I REALLY love! So that is whats going on with us.

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Jordan said...

Love all the updates! Can't believe Aspyn is 8 months! Time flies.