Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NeW bEdS!!!

I wanted to get Aspyns bed set up...and Justin went and bought me this crib set...its not the one I was looking at but I love it...mostly because he picked it out. And I needed Landy's mattress from his toddler bed to put in the crib so we bought the boys some new beds...justin spent about an hour cleaning and putting together the crib for the 3rd and final time (sad). He said it had to be perfect for his baby girl. So we got the boys bunk beds but they are in seperate rooms...but they are working out so awesome!! They love them and so do we!

I had to add this one in...landon points to the little bumps on the mattress...and says" Is that boobs?"


Emmie said...

For cute!

Texie said...

That's funny about the boobs comment!! cute baby bedding and sad it's your last!